Coca cola’s ‘eKOCool’ will revamp sales in Indian rural market

Coca Cola

Coca Cola India has come up this summer with a new innovation as to increase its sales and presence in rural areas. The company has launched an eco friendly ‘eKOCool’, a chest cooler, developed internally by the Indian arm of the Atlanta based multinational, operates exclusively through solar energy, with no other electricity source required to operate it.

It has a capacity to store two crates, which contains 48 glass bottles of 300ml each. It can even charge mobile phone and light up homes. This innovation will provide the company with first mover advantage to ramp up its sale and solve the problem faced by major shopkeepers in rural as to sell chilled soft drinks in hot summers as there is no electricity facility available.

The product loaded into the cooler early morning or previous night is ready to be served chilled in the morning. The cooling equipment brings benefits to the retailer too in terms of saving on the electricity bill and cost of ice.

A pilot project under which 20 such coolers were placed in rural areas near Agra (UP) has been successfully completed this summer. Sales from these outlets have jumped nearly five times, a company official said.

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  1. Pl provide the details of the unit and cost. system components, detailed specification and cost break up of the solar refrigration.

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