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YIE-MEET-Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and other updates

YIE-Meet-Hyderabad, 12th June 201, 2:00 PM -6:00PM

Young Indian Entrepreneurs (YIE) is organizing YIE-meet on 12th June 2011,2:00 PM -6:00PM in Hyderabad. We invite you to the aforesaid event,it’s really a good opportunity to connect with fellow members

.There is NO registration FEE to participate in this meet.

Date & Time: ——————- On 12 June 2011 Sunday. 2:00PM to 6:00PM

Venue: ————– Telugu University Public Gardens Nampally Hyderabad-500 004 Andhra Pradesh

Registration (Free): —————————– It’s free to participate.

Follow the link to book your seat now : Or you can just walk-in.

Agenda: ————– For details follow the link:

If you are interested to know about sponsorship details, please write a Thank you and best regards vizai G Young Indian Entrepreneurs ( YIE ) ************************************************************************************************************** Upcoming Events ************************************************************************************************************** ===============================================



We are planning to conduct YIE-meet-Bhubaneswar in collaboration with KIIT-TBI (www.kiitincubator). We will share the full details soon; meanwhile we would like to know if you are interested to deliver a talk during this YIE-meet-Bhubaneswar. We also provide Air fare and guest house facility for speakers. If you are interested in speaker opportunity,please send a mail to: ===============================================

INDO KOREA CONNECT 2011,Chennai An International Business Summit and Trade Fair ===============================================

24 – 25 June 2011, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM at Taj Coromandel, Chennai Owing to the Comprehensive Economic partnership agreement signed between India and South Korean a world of opportunities is headed our way. From JV’s and collaborations to business partnerships and service contracts. IKC is the perfect platform to explore it all. So come on board. Special arrangements for budding Entrepreneur’s and young companies.

Delegate Registration : ———————————- Individual: Rs 4,750/-,

*Exclusive concession for YIE Members: Rs 3,750/-

Corporate: Rs 20,750 (4 Persons) Please send a mail to for enquiries.

For more details:

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Agenda of YIE-Meet Hyderabad.

Date & Time: 12th June 2011(Sunday), 2:00PM to 6:00PM.

There is no registration fee.It’s free to participate in this meet.

1. Key Success factors for entrepreneurs and how to avoid the common mistakes
by Mr.VVSSB Shankar Mentor at
Past: CEO at VTX Industries Limited,Sr.Vice President at TVS Electronics

2. Andhra Pradesh ICT Policy (Govt. of A.P)
by Mr.S.Shawket Hussain Madani
Deputy.Director – Promotion,Information Technology and Communications Department,Govt. of A.P

3. Wellness & Fitness management for the young leaders
by Mr.Nadeem Uddin (International Hockey Player)

4. Real and Perennial health care Business Model in CSAMM
(Community Supported Agricultural marketing model)
by Mr.Raghava Charyulu ,TGK Green Energy Pvt Ltd

5. The entrepreneur ecosystem,.the opportunities and challenges
By Mr.Vikas Singh,President and Founding Director at Crux Management Services P Ltd.

6. Social enterprises: Opportunities,Prospects and challenges in India
by Sirisha Peri (Recent graduate student from Cambridge University,U.K)

Duration of each session will be 30min(max).We will share the detailed time-lines for each session in next mail.

More details:

Potti Sriramulu Telugu University
Public Gardens
Hyderabad-500 004
Andhra Pradesh

If you are interested to know sponsorship details, please write a mail:

Going forward, we will make a plan to conduct similar kind of meets in other locations in India.

Thank you.

Warm Regards
vizai G
Young Indian Entrepreneurs (

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The Indian and U.S. governments have announced a funding opportunity of $50 million for joint research and development (R&D) in three critical fields:

The Indian and U.S. governments are contributing $50 million across the three fields, over five years, to fund transformative, cutting-edge clean energy solutions. Another $50 million is expected in matching funds from
participating entities, raising the total level of expected funding to $100 million. Leading researchers and scientists in both the United States and India are encouraged you to apply.

The Application deadline is August 16, 2011.

* Grant Information*

Details of the funding opportunity, including application guidelines, materials, instructions, cost-sharing, teaming arrangements etc. are available on the websites of the coordinating U.S. and Indian agencies – the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) ( and DOE and IUSSTF are the official contact for the Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center (JCERDC) – the bilateral mechanism established to facilitate this research and any activities needed to ensure implementation.

The funding opportunity is open to joint teams (consortia) of participants from India and the U.S. An extremely wide variety of applicants are encouraged to partner: individual scientists/engineers, technical specialists, academic experts/academic institutions and universities, national laboratories, private corporations including clean-tech startups,
energy entrepreneurs, banks/financial institutions and others.

* * *
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) with our partners the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and the Council on Energy,Environment and Water (CEEW) share the objective of making this funding opportunity a success, and are working to ensure that the highest caliber of talent in both countries is drawn into the process. We will be disseminating information we find relevant and would be happy to connect you with others in our networks (in both India and the U.S.) who are interested in exploring this funding opportunity. If for any reason you are unable to directly contact the U.S. and India secretariats regarding your queries and interest,

please feel free to reach out to us at ( or since we will have a series of discussions to encourage this exciting collaborative opportunity.

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Solar Pv For Telecom Towers – Promising Business Opportunity In India | Solarplaza | The global solar energy (PV) platform

Solar Pv For Telecom Towers – Promising Business Opportunity In India | Solarplaza | The global solar energy (PV) platform.

India is presently one of the largest telecom markets in the world, second only to China, with 250,000 mobile phone towers serving over 670 million subscribers. Factor in the country’s advancing Solar photovoltaic (PV) initiative, the National Solar Mission, and the fact that power and fuel expenditures account for 35% of the operating cost of each mobile phone tower, and one can easily deduce that solar PV and telecom should develop a more symbiotic working relationship. Such a relationship would result in a better overall telecom business model, especially since both factors (PV and telecom) are key elements in India’s future growth and role as a global innovator.

By Jaideep Malaviya, Research Analyst

Solar PV for Telecom Towers – Promising Business Opportunity in India

That deduction would be wise. Solar (PV) for India’s vast proliferation of telecom towers, as demonstrated below, is the proverbial ‘writing on the wall.’ As it well should be.

Is such proliferation of telecom towers realistically sustainable?

The CAGR in the past 5 years is about 31% and this figure is likely to grow almost 1.5 times in the coming 5 years. Analysts estimate that by 2015 India will have nearly one billion users and they will be served by about 554,000 transmission towers, 30% of them in rural regions.

Power and fuel are, as mentioned, the primary expenditures which account for 35% of operating costs, both for passive components (such as steel towers, base tower station shelter, power supply system, etc.); and active components (such as spectrum, switches, and antennas).  BTS requires un-interrupted power in order to serve the signals continuously. Due to the unreliability of electricity in India, Diesel Generators are used as back-up in a Hybrid mode. India, as a net importer of crude oil, faces an inherent dilemma in that its Diesel is linked to International pricing and presently is close to €¢ 70 per litre, with each litre providing approximately 3.5kWh, yielding a cost of about €¢20/kWh. Furthermore, the Diesel supply in most of India’s rural areas is uncertain, at best. This makes use of Solar (PV) power ideal as a supplementary source; and, in fact, the best solution for continued sustenance. The implementation of Solar PV as the primary supplemental source in this realm could also, potentially, solve other problems related to diesel. (The total carbon emissions released by the current diesel generators is the equivalent of 5.3 million tons a year.)

For the GSM Technology, it requires an average of 6 BTS to operate one tower – each requiring 10 Ampsof current. Each shelter has two (1.5 ton) air conditioners which offer 1,000W capacity for the key maintenance of the temperature for the shelter’s electronic systems. The DG set is typically 15 kVA capacity, which consumes an average of 3 litres of diesel per hour. Table 1, below, shows how Solar PV is more efficient than diesel and provides better IRR, making it a superior supplement to diesel during day-time hours.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is under the process of preparing a consultation paper on “green telecom,” which addresses critical issues such as the increasing carbon foot print-contribution of the telecom industry, the need for carbon credit policy for the sector at-large, available methods/options to reduce the carbon foot print, standardization of Green Telecom equipment and increased incentive for their adoption. A framework for monitoring carbon emission and corrective action for the telecom sector is also in discussion.

As a first step the government will make it mandatory for mobile phone towers to be powered by solar energy, a move which will reduce pollution and greatly scale down a key driver of diesel consumption in the country. The Indian government will also extend 30% subsidy, applicable as per the guidelines laid out in Phase I of the National Solar Mission.

Telecom operators and infrastructure providers are already aware of the kind of benefits and advantages of switching over to solar power. As a result of rapid scale up, as well as technological developments, the price of solar power is likely to attain parity with grid power in the near future and this will enable accelerated and large-scale expansion thereafter. The telecom players are now investing heavily in energy efficient systems which will involve a domestic trading scheme for energy efficiency, certified under the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency under the National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC). Assuming 30% of 500,000 rural towers use Solar PV then by 2015 @ ` 3 million per tower, the business magnitude is ` 450 billion (equivalent €7.5 billion)

Intersolar India 2011 Announced

Intersolar India 2011is scheduled to take place at the Bombay exhibition Centre 14-16 December 2011 with 250 exhibitors and 6000 visitors.

Since its establishment in 2009, the exhibition and conference have developed into the premier platform for the solar industry in India. Intersolar India, focuses on photovoltaics and solar thermal technology and has quickly established itself among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers as a vital international industry meeting point.

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