Dow Corning announces Global Wedge as solar solutions distributor in India

Dow Corning Corp., which is into silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, has named Global Wedge as a distributor of silicon-based solutions for the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic modules in India.

Global Wedge, a distributor of  photovoltaic (PV) raw materials, solar modules and  panels, and a developer of solar power projects since 2001, will supply high-quality silicone solutions to Dow Corning’s customers in India. Located in Hyderabad, India, Global Wedge has an excellent reputation as a PV materials supplier and an extensive customer base in India.

“India continues to grow as an economic powerhouse, and the solar industry with it. We are excited about the prospect of providing solutions to the Indian solar power industry to support its expansion,” said Allison Ashbrook, global distribution manager, Dow Corning Solar Business. “We look forward to working with Global Wedge in India and with our broad network of regional distributors throughout the Asia-Pacific region to provide silicone solutions that will help solar energy become a viable energy option.”

“We are excited to be associated with Dow Corning as their distributor for India,” said Rao Marella, president, Global Wedge. “Dow Corning’s specialty is in the development and application of silicon-based products.   They are global leaders in the industry and our customers will derive the benefit of using superior products with the highest levels of quality and reliability. Most of our customers export their modules to Europe and America. To make modules to international standards, Dow Corning’s silicones continue to be their number one choice. We thank our customers for their confidence in us, and we are pleased to be a part of the success of the solar business in India.”

Dow Corning’s expansion of its global distribution network follows several recent investment announcements including:

* Completion of a new Solar Solutions Application Center in JinCheon, Korea, Dow Corning’s second;
* Plans to build another solar center in Shanghai, China, announced in February; and
* Plans for a $13 million Solar Energy Exploration & Development Center (SEED) in Seneffe, Belgium.

One of the only companies in the world able to provide silicon-based solutions throughout the entire photovoltaic value chain, Dow Corning is investing to expand its portfolio of total solution packages for solar cell manufacturing, module assembly and installation. Solution packages are built on high-performance silicone products such as encapsulants, adhesives, coatings, potting agents and sealants, as well as next-generation solar grade silicon.

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